Joseph S. Alhadeff Real Estate Services, LLC

40+ years of experience

Joseph S. Alhadeff Real Estate Services, LLC, provide experienced, professional, multi-disciplined services to the Pacific Northwest real estate community.


With broad and deep experience in Pacific Northwest real estate, Joseph Alhadeff is an expert in the fields of:

  • Property Development

  • Property Acquisition and Disposition

  • Entitlements

  • Land Use

  • Construction

  • Project Management

  • Receivership 

  • Litigation Assistance

  • Lending Solutions

When you hire Joseph S. Alhadeff Real Estate Services, LLC, you get Joseph.


Joseph is a trusted professional with a sterling reputation for effective, efficient and honorable work. He can smooth out the thorniest problems and streamline the most complex issues. He knows everyone there is to know and has succeeded at every type of real estate.

Joseph was born and raised in Seattle and has spent his entire professional life negotiating the ups, downs and ins and outs of the real estate business in the Pacific Northwest.

Joseph has been called, “the consummate real estate professional,” and at the end of the day, that’s who you want on your team – a solid, up-front, down-to-earth professional who gets the job done. 


“I have worked with Joe on a number of different valuation dispute issues – one representing one of the largest condemnation takes in the Puget Sound area. Joe was pivotal in assembling a team of top notch professionals, and being totally responsive to both the needs of the team, and the presentation of the end product – working well with both attorneys, surveyors, contractors and appraisers. His ability to act as the hub of the wheel, and his individual knowledge of the professions involved was very instrumental in getting the assignment complete in a diligent and comprehensive manner, resulting in a proper level of compensation for the property owner. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any real estate related issue – leasing, development, litigation expert, etc.”

Anthony Gibbons

MAI, CRE, Principal, RE-SOLVE